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Instructor: Vinciane Shoenmaekers, Belgium, TFH instructor and consultant, Brain Gym instructor and consultant, Brain Gym International Faculty Member

Date: 2. – 4 . 9. 2022

Location: Brezje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia

Time: 24 hours; Friday 3. – 7. p.m., Sat & Sun 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Manual: Matthew and John Thie, Touch for Health: The Complete Edition a Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch and Massage, 380 pages

Language: Course will be taught in english language.

Price: 350 (for registration and 25 % of payment till 10. 7. 2022, later registrations: 385 EUR)



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The foundation for many different kinesiology modalities, Touch for Health provides the ‘nuts and bolts’ of kinesiology training, enabling you to explore how thoughts manifest in the body and affect daily life functioning. Experience how the programme has adapted techniques from older and holistic approaches to wellbeing to evolve into a fully contemporary self-development programme. You will learn to use muscle monitoring with confidence so that you can move forward to greater physical, emotional and structural integration in your life.

The first module offers the basics of monitoring feedback from muscles and techniques for balancing the body. We will deepen your awareness of how thoughts and emotions affect the body and offer simple ways of defusing negative effects and unhelpful patterns.

  • Gain expertise and confidence in the art of muscle monitoring
  • How to set goals and notice the effect on your body
  • Choose the most beneficial physical techniques to create the optimal resources to achieve your goals
  • Learn gentle physical ways of identifying and reducing stress responses to challenges in your life
  • How to move out of your comfort zone supported by your thinking, energy and physical structure
  • Explore the effects of physically contacting key pathways and points on the body to encourage a sense of balance and harmony
  • A balanced body and mind are the foundations of a happy, fulfilled life and an increased feeling of wellbeing
  • The importance of directing your attention and intention to positive goals when you want to make changes of any kind
  • The interrelationship of all systems within the body
  • How the Chinese model of maintaining a flow and balance of energy within the body can illuminate contemporary issues and challenges
  • Changes in beliefs, attitudes and intention bring observable changes in the body and vice versa, as the body and the mind are one interlinked feedback loop
  • Touch for Health can empower individuals to take responsibility for their own condition, life and outlook

Vinciane Schoenmaeckers

Mortsel, Antwerp

Vinciane Schoenmaeckers is owner of Flow-Motion where she has a Kinesiology practice and teaches Kinesiology since 2003. She is President of Brain Gym Belgium (that was created in 2007) since 2013. She is International Faculty since 2015, teaches the advanced Edu-K courses, and Touch or Health levels 1-4, as the Touch for Health: Goalsetting and Metaphors training.
Because Belgium is a multi-lingual country she teaches in French and Dutch. She teaches in both Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries.
In her work she focuses on empowering people to access their own potential. Her mission is ‘connection’, this on a personal, professional, national and international level.

Licensed to teach:
– Brain Gym
– Brain Gym 1.70
– Double Doodle Play
– Movement Based Learning – Building Block Activities
– Optimal Brain – Organization
– Vision Circles
– Edu-K in Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence
– Total Core Repatterning
– Movement Re-education
– 7D Practicum – Faculty at work
– Brain Gym Teacher Practicum

Area of Expertise

  • Learning challenges
  • Personal health & well-being
  • Trauma
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